Loans for start-ups – where can I get money?



Starting a company is a courageous step that initially marks an uncertain future, because nobody knows beforehand whether it will ultimately be successful or not. Nevertheless, it is of course possible to work on your own success and this requires capital to invest in the beginning. For this reason, it is now to be shown in more detail what opportunities there are in the area of loans for start-ups and how to get such financing particularly cheaply.

Loans for private start-ups


A first good option is to simply make a loan request. You cannot be more than rejected. This is where we recommend private loans. Bank loans are often not as difficult to obtain as private loans. It is always worth trying. In the following form you can make an inquiry free of charge and without obligation.

Other ways of borrowing

Other ways of borrowing


State funding is a good start

A very good way to raise capital is initially funding, because in many cases you can get loans that are particularly cheap and are also secured by bank guarantees. A good example in this area is the entry fee, which is intended for the purchase of equipment and is awarded up to a maximum amount of 50,000 dollars. However, new companies can only receive the entry fee in the first 3 years of their existence and the interest is usually below the market interest rate. In this way, it is relatively easy to get new money and can drive urgently needed investments.

Normal installment loans are often difficult to obtain as start-ups

If you want to use an installment loan to finance your company, you usually have to exist as a company for a few years in order to be able to prove your creditworthiness. In a few cases it is possible to take out a private loan and use it for your business, but you should look carefully at certain restrictions by the providers. You can find a suitable loan comparison here, because this way you can quickly get an overall picture of the market and you can also identify the cheapest loan providers in a timely manner without having to do long research.

Under no circumstances carry out financing with the overdraft facility

In addition to government loans and normal installment loans from banks, theoretically there would of course also be the possibility to carry out important corporate financing through your own overdraft facility on your checking account. However, this should not be done in any case, because there is hardly any financing option that is more expensive than an overdraft facility. So if you choose this path, you will definitely have a problem with the profitability of your business in the long term, which does not necessarily have to be. For this reason, it is advisable to first use government funding and gradually build up your company in order to be successful in the long term.