College Credit: Loan to Pay the Course?


Acquiring higher education is increasingly a must. Globalization forces people to acquire new skills and university credit is for that.

According to an analysis by Careerbuilder and Emsi there are three new types of jobs that are growing as a result of globalization: Marketing Analyst, Interpreters / Translators or… Mapmakers (Demand for digital mapmakers have grown 16% in the market since 2012 North American) .

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For any of these occupations it is mandatory to acquire extra training which sometimes requires a great financial effort. Fortunately, for those who want to buy it, there is the option to apply for a college credit. But what options are there in the market? What rates do they offer and what benefits are associated? Let’s find out.

From Good to Lite Bank: two university credit simulations

bank loan

To find out what is the best offer for those who want to use a university credit, we analyze the offer in major financial institutions. Looking for a loan to bet on training, we noticed that – for 48 months and values ​​of 25 thousand dollars.

On the other hand, those who want a slightly smaller financing and in less time, have the following options. In this situation, an amount of 15 thousand dollars over 24 months was chosen.

However, you can customize your offer to best fit your needs. Have you tried customizing the search? On our site you can now.

For what you can use and what advantages you can have in college credit…


This specialized loan can be used for various purposes and not just for undergraduate degrees. This type of loan can be used for other educational purposes: MBAs, masters, doctorates, postgraduate, practical courses, technology certification courses or even Erasmus and other exchange programs.

What does the market offer?

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These credits usually also offer the possibility to gain access to a grace period in which you pay a lower initial installment. But beware: when the grace period ends (usually 6 months) you pay a higher installment and you may even pay a higher loan amount than you would have if you had not chosen this way.

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Finally, you should know that you can use this credit, not only for tuition fees, but also for other purposes such as school supplies, residence rental, travel or stays abroad and the like.